At Modern Family Dentistry of Issaquah, not only can you enjoy clean teeth, healthy gums, and a perfect smile you can do so in absolute comfort and with the assurance that you are in capable hands. Here at Dr. Jorgensen’s dental office, our team is pleased to offer aesthetic dentistry to residents of the Issaquah area with the best treatment possible. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your experience here, as we assist you in attaining optimal oral health and renewed vitality to your beautiful smile!

Dr. Jorgensen has been serving as a dentist in Issaquah area for over twenty years now. We offer extraordinary services in both general dentistry (including children’s dentistry for Issaquah) and cosmetic dentistry. Our primary concern is your comfort and satisfaction. For cosmetic dentistry services in Issaquah, the dental team uses only the best and latest technologies with the highest quality materials. Every smile we perfect is a work of art that looks completely natural.